James Johnson experience as a metalsmith began in 1996.  He experimented in his parent’s garage and read all the books he could find on the subject.  In time, James found a passion for using heat and pressure to create unique art work.  Largely self-taught, James had the opportunity to work with a recognized traditional blacksmith.  After that, he continued developing traditional blacksmith techniques, time honored methods for working metal, old world joinery, design and other complex skills.  During that time, he manufactured furniture, hand railings, and gates.  James has worked for several of the larger ornamental iron businesses in the Dallas, Ft.Worth area.  

Since that time, James has built a large shop north of Ft.Worth, in Alvord Texas.  The shop is fully equipped with power hammers, anvils, and ovens.  James typically works 60 to 70 hours per week perfecting his craft.
All of the art that James creates start with concept sketches.  Getting the concepts right is the most critical part of developing each project.  Transforming the ideas into a finished product requires many hours of prototyping and in many cases developing his own specialized tools. 
What makes his work unique, is his ability to carve distinctive patterns into the metal and the combining of steel and copper.  All of his art is finished with different natural oils and wax.

James work is owned by people all over the US and as far away as France, Taiwan, and China.  His work was featured in the summer 2005 edition of the Anvils Ring.